Questions about RUSH HOUR BUSINESS

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What are your hours of operation?

 We work around the clock assisting our customers all over the world. Even after the main office closes, there is still someone on call to handle your e-mails throughout the evening and early morning.  Please note that our phone service is limited from 9am to 5 pm EST Monday through Friday.    

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 Contact us anytime via e-mail  at 

   What are Rare & Collectible Books

A rare book is defined as any type of book that is scarce and hard to find. Any book that is considered antique might also be rare, but it cannot be considered antique unless it is old. Additionally, there are some antique books that are not hard to find and therefore cannot be considered rare. Collectors  are often on the lookout for both rare and antique books because both types of books tend to be of value.

Rare Books do not necessarily have to be antiques, although many rare books are antiques because there are so many antique books that are scarce. Some types of books that are considered rare that may not be antiques are limited edition and first edition copies of books. Publishers often print only a small number of limited edition books, meaning they tend to become rare once all the copies that will be available have been printed. A first edition of a book is also typically considered rare because a first edition comes from the first print run of any book once it has been released.

What condition are your used books in?


We adhere to the scale of rating recognized by most online  sellers of used books.used books are subject to prior use. we strive to give a thorough description of each and every item . We encourage all our buyers to read our thorough used products description before making any purchase as this helps in eliminating returns and additional costs.  we always try to be conservative, rather than optimistic, in our assessment. The five  categories for our used books are;

Fine/like New  – Book has no defects, it has had little usage. Older books may show minor flaws.

Very Good  - Book shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh, though it still appears attractive.

Good – A majority of second hand books belongs here. The average used book with all pages present. Books with somewhat loose bindings, highlighting or annotations, cocked spine, torn or edgeworn dust jackets, can also fall into this category. The major faults are included in the description.

Fair/Acceptable  - Obviously well worn and frequently handled,remarkably marked inside, on edges plus covers well worn out but no text pages are missing, however, it may be without endpapers or a title page. There might be markings, highlights or annotations, but they do not interfere with readability.

Poor  - All text is legible but the pages may be soiled, heavily stained, missing covers, remarkably marked/highlighted. The  binding  maybe with defects.


  Is ordering from your website secure?

Absolutely! RUSH HOUR BUSINESS employs different security measures to ensure that all your important information is kept safe.

While online, 

RUSH HOUR BUSINESS uses SSL encryption to protect transmissions of your account and credit card information. The padlock in the address bar of your browser will appear when you are viewing an encrypted (secure) page.

Please View our Privacy Policy for more information.

Also to maintain high level of security, please never share your password and remember to log out of your RUSH HOUR BUSINESS  account and exit your browser if on a shared computer.


v  What forms of payment do you accept



RUSH HOUR BUSINESS  accepts the following forms of payment:



 -Discover Card

 -American Express

 -Diner's Club

 -Amazon Pay


How do I find the item or the book am looking for ?

You can search our entire  inventory  using our search bar, located at the top of every page of our website. Just choose your search category  or type the Keyword on the  search bar, then enter .